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Welcome to the Official Houston, We Have Spinach! Wiki
Welcome to the Official Houston, We Have Spinach! Wiki
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Houston, We Have Spinach!

Houston, We Have Spinach! is a simulation game developed and published by Acme Nerd Games, LLC. It was released to Steam Early Access in November 2017. No official release date has been announced.

Design and build rockets, and full them with food. Explore a galaxy filled with strange planets.

As a rocket designer and space explorer, your success will depend on exploiting nutrients in a variety of foods to power your space ship. Unlock new parts to build multistage rockets.

Gameplay: Design and build rockets in the hangar, using a variety of parts -- boosters, fuel tanks, capsules, couplers and special modules -- that snap together. Load fuel into your rocket using a grapple-equipped copter. The fuel for your rocket is food; each rocket booster type has different nutrient requirements so you must choose wisely! As you progress you'll find obstacles you must overcome while fueling. Once the rocket is ready, choose a mission to earn bonuses and blast off. Escape into orbit to travel to strange new planets with new challenges!

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We are currently maintaining 281 pages (22 articles)!
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